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Read about the Lake Doster Lake Association, check out our recent newsletters.  Protecting our lake is high on the priority list, check out information about some of the weeds present in the lake.  


Annual Meeting: 15-May-2024, Lake Doster Golf Club, 6:30 pm

See the Annual Meeting webpage for more information


Catch up on the latest newsletters here. 

Winter, 2024

Fall, 2023

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds...

Lake Doster Lake Association is dedicated to protecting our lake.  We have a yearly weed management program that includes spraying the lake for various weeds.  Read about why treating the weeds is important and the annual weed treatment schedule in links below. 

Dissolved Oxygen and Lake Doster fishing

2023 Weed Treatment schedule 

Featured Weed: Eurasian Milfoil

Eurasian Milfoil is an invasive species that does not react to our typical treatments.  Milfoil will create large floating mats that prevent the growth of our native aquatic vegetation and impede recreational activities.  It is not a viable food source for our waterfowl and may impact fish predation.  Additionally Milfoil can negatively impact water quality by lowering the dissolved oxygen content (bad for fish).  In short - it’s not good for the lake. Eurasion Milfoil - Allison Fox University of Florida

Other news


The Board of Director's monthly meeting minutes as well as the quarterly financials are in AppFolio. 

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