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Restriction Compliance Application


Please complete this form when making changes on your property or outside of your home.  The homeowner is responsible to pull all applicable permits including EGLE.   When in doubt, please complete and submit to a member of the Building Control Committee (BCC).

Summer Beach Membership

Members of Lake Doster Homeowner Association (LDHA) that are not Lake Doster Lake Association (LDLA) members may use the main beach with a beach membership.  The cost of the membership is $100.  In addition to the $100 fee, requestor must complete the form to the right and submit with their payment.  Beach member families must follow the rules detailed in the Beach Rules document and listed on the signage at the beach.  Lake Doster Lake Association members are not required to purchase a beach membership. 

Land Use Form


If members want to use LDLA property for an event (single or recurring), the member must complete a land use form and submit  to   If the event is a class, the waiver form should be completed and submitted to the same email.   


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