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Lake Doster Weed Treatment Schedule 2021

IMPORTANT Weed Treatment Update

Update on recent lake weed treatment, performed the week of 2-May-2021:

There is a 30 day watering restriction if you are using water from the lake to water your landscaping.  

This is due to a different treatment strategy based on the density/distribution of milfoil in the lake.  The treatment plan was recommended by our lake management partner, PLM.

There will be an additional sonar (fluridone) treatment in approximately two weeks to keep the fluridone levels at 6 ppb (parts per billion).  THIS WILL EXTEND THE WATERING RESTRICTION.

For context, our lake is being treated at 6 ppb, the required amount to kill the milfoil.  The 30 day restriction is for a maximum rate of 150 ppb.  At 5 ppb, and below, there is no watering restriction at all.  We are very close to the no restrictions with our application but the label says anything between 5-150 ppb carries the watering restriction.  The label is the law.  

Please be sure to read the posted notices after every treatment to see how the treatment could impact your lake activities.  The weed treatment schedule is posted on the Lake Doster website, additionally a copy was sent to every member.

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