Lake Doster Lake Association

2021 Water Quality Report

Water Quality Committee

Our lake area was originally wetlands before constructed embankments allowed the natural springs to flood the surface into our pristine Lake Doster.  Although a great number of trees and brush were removed before the area filled, the top soil was not. As a result, the lake bottom is susceptible to excessive vegetation and the accumulation of silt.  Lake Doster is now used by LDLA Membership and their guests for a variety of recreational and sporting purposes throughout the year.  It is the responsibility of the Water Quality Committee (“WQC”) to maintain our lake area for any Board approved purposes.  


I. Lake Bed and Water

A.    To keep the vegetation (weeds) under control, the WQC shall identify and obtain written bids from appropriate suppliers.  The WQC will recommend a contractor to the Board who will make the ultimate decision and enter into a contract with a supplier. The projected expense of keeping the weeds under control will be included in the proposed budget submission.

B.    Lake treatment notices must be delivered to the LDLA’s  Lake Manager, emailed to the appropriate residences, and posted on signs around the lake in accordance with noticing standards.

C.    Periodically throughout the summer months, the lake water, especially at the beach, must be tested for various pathogens that could cause illness.  If unacceptable levels are found to exist, the lake must be treated. Supervising the work of any water test or treatment provider is the responsibility of the WQC.

D.    All of the testing and treatment of the lake bed and water must be documented and maintained in the LDLA records.  The WQC will supply all necessary documentation to the Lake Manager who will maintain a file system for all testing and treatment records.

E.     The WQC must be cognizant of the importance of wetlands and the role of the MDEQ in protecting wetlands.


II. Planning and Budgeting

A.    Since there are expenses involved in the maintenance of Lake Doster and its water quality, the WQC will prepare and submit an annual written budget to the Board by October 1st, to include the costs estimates for all of its proposed actions and activities planned for the subsequent year.  The WQC shall obtain written quotes from competitive providers for any newly proposed and any current or extended contract services included within its submitted budget.

B.    The WQC will continue to explore ways to improve the overall quality of the lake and its surrounding shore.  Short and long range planning for both weed and silt removal and control, along with any other proposed lake related projects shall be developed and shall include projected costs, using a competitive bidding process. When completed, the final plan shall be presented to the Board for consideration and approval before any implementation.


III. Reporting Status

The WQC is given authority to operate independently for those activities which are Board approved and will keep the Board, specifically to the Board Member designated as the Director of Lake Operations, informed as it implements its projects and performs its approved activities.


Approved and adopted by the Board of Directors April 21, 2009  



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