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Playground Committee

One of the most used areas of Lake Doster is the Playground area located at the Beach along Midlakes Blvd.  The Playground Committee (“Committee”) is responsible for maintenance and periodic upgrades, of these wonderful resources.  Maintaining and improving these resources for the LDLA Membership’s ongoing use is not without expense. Therefore, no later than October 1st of each year, the Committee will submit a proposed budget for the upcoming year. The proposal will include routine expenses as well as proposed upgrades to the area. A competitive bidding process will be used and the final approval of any contract or expense will remain with the LDLA Board of Directors (“Board”).       


I.  The State of Michigan enacted a Playground Safety Equipment Act which

        adopts the guidelines within the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s

        Handbook for Public Playground Safety for those who manufacture and/or

        install playground equipment for compensation.  In the best interest of

        maximizing safety for its membership, the Board supports and adopted use of

        said Handbooks’ guidelines for its volunteers.  Therefore, all Committee

        members involved in installing and maintaining the Playground’s equipment

        must be familiar with its provisions. Any proposed improvements or additions

        to the playground must be in compliance with the adopted Handbook guidelines.


II. A children’s playground has been established at the beach. In the interest of

          safety, the Committee will inspect the equipment at least twice a year,

          suggested at the beginning and end of the summer use season. It is expected

          that some of the equipment should be installed and removed seasonally.

          During this process, all of the equipment will be inspected and repaired, if



III. The surface under and around playground equipment can be a major factor in injury prevention.  Therefore, the playground equipment’s use zone must be inspected periodically throughout the spring, summer and fall for compliance with surfacing guidelines.


IV. The playground is delineated by a sign and wooden containment boundaries. The committee will see that these structures are maintained in good condition.


V.  The Committee will report to the LDLA Board, and specifically to the Board  Member designated as the Director of Lake Operations.


Approved and adopted by the Board of Directors April 21, 2009      



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