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Dredging Updates

  • Dredging of the east end of the lake to start the week of Labor Day
  • Dock removal/re-installation estimates have been sent to affected homeowners
  • Clearing of brush on lots 68 and 2 has been done
  • Silt removal plan
  • Dredging Q&A August 2021

Lake Enhancement Documentation

Link Disabled due to impending bid process.  Contact Board of Directors with specific questions or concerns.

March 2019 Lake Remediation Update

January 2019 Proposed Lake Remediation Timeline

December 2018 Lake Remediation Update

August 2018 Lake Remediation Update

June 2018 Lake Remediation Update

July 2017 Lake Remediation Update

How to Remove Lake and Pond Muck and Weeds DIY          Invented by LDLA Member John Wagner

Hi  My name is John Wagner.  I live at Lake Doster and am an inventor and business man. I have invented a muck and weed removal system that quickly and easily removes both muck and weeds from lakes, steams, and ponds. Designed with the DIY person in mind.  I hope you like the inventions and enjoy the results.

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 Here is my web video.  Muck Removal tools  or copy and paste this link.

Here is my email and Phone 269 370 9152.
Email me if you want to see my creation in action.  I can put you on my email list and keep you informed of any updates.


John Wagner at Hall Truck Sales
9340 Shaver Road
Portage, MI 49024
Personal Cell  269 370 9152
Fax 29 585 6165

Lake Revitalization April 2015 Meeting

The following document reviews the presentation given on April 30th, reviewing the history and the project details.


Lake Revitalization Efforts

Lake Depth & Silt Study

The Board received input from several Members concerned with the accumulation of silt along the Lake Doster shoreline, interfering with their access, limiting their ability to install a dock or moor their boat without a variance to extend their dock further into the lake. In addition to establishing a Lake Doster Revitalization Committee, the Board has initiated an updated study of the lake from Progressive AE, the firm that provided a full Lake Management Plan Report back in 2002 prior to LDLA’s ownership. The study will provide us information useful for many issues, including the development of our Master Plan, a tool for ongoing lake management. The commissioned study will:

1. Obtain and review original contours from existing information, if possible.

2. Create a new depth contour map using integrated GPS location and soundings.

3. Analyze sedimentation rates over the entire lake bottom.

4. Determine the most cost-effective and feasible means to remove excessive sediment from select areas of Lake Doster.

5. Present different scenarios in a report with associated cost-estimates for each scenario.

6. Present the report to the association at-large and answer questions.

Preliminary results of that study were presented to the Board at their regular October 2012 Board Meeting.  The completed study is expected by year's end.

Weed, Algae, and Sediment Control Methods

Some LDLA Members provided recommendations for near-dock weed, algae and sediment control that they successfully used.  Three such recommendations are:

 1 - Aqua Blaster - $949 @

            Select Lake & Pond WEED TOOLS and scroll to near the bottom of the page.

 2 - Kasco De-Icer  - Priced per unit @

 3 - Mazzei Air Injector - $1,208 @




Lake Revitalization Committee

The LDLA Board also initiated a Lake Revitalization Committee and sought interested parties to become involved. Those volunteering to serve as committee members are: John Bair, Chair , Dennis Carman, Dennis Erickson, Mike Gabele, Jon Greenbank, Robert Hix, Bob Martin, Dan McGuire, Todd Rentfrow, and Larry Sherman.

John Bair presented some of his committee’s initial investigative work at the LDLA Annual Meeting in May. Current efforts of the Revitalization committee include:

·            Outlet Valve Repair: Identified an experienced company to repair Lake Doster’s Outlet Valve. The valve is part of the Lake Doster infrastructure and key to the dam’s design. At purchase from the Lake Doster Development Company, the valve was known to have never been tested or operational. The LDLA has placed Solomon Diving, Inc. under contract to repair the valve.

Work towards the repair of Lake Doster’s outlet valve continued on October 29th. At that time, our contractor’s divers determined that the existing, original valve is actually welded onto the outlet’s piping rather than properly flanged (bracketed with bolts) as was expected. Consequently, a reassessment of the situation determined that, with some modification to the existing piping prior to installation, our purchased valve could be utilized to complete the repair and provide us with a workable, reliable valve.

Our contractor offered to perform the necessary modifications and install the valve for an additional charge of $1,300. The LDLA Board approved this expenditure and the contractors expect to proceed with the installation for completion before year’s end.

Members will be notified when the valve work is completed.

·            Outlet Flow Study: Purchase of a Velocity Meter was acquired to determine the current and ongoing water outflow rate of the lake. This was initiated to determine the lake’s fill time in consideration of a potential future lake level draw-down. It was determined that Lake Doster supplies approximately 40% of the Silver Creek water flow downstream at the M-89 bridge.

·           Establishment of Area Captains: To seek direct input, Area Captains were identified and held informational exchange meetings by area location. Any LDLA Members who were not able to attend those meetings were invited either of two general meetings held in September.

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