Lake Doster Lake Association

LDLA Lake Manager

Contractor:  Dennis Erickson


The Lake Doster Lake Association was created for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining Lake Doster for the enjoyment and use of its Members. Many of the responsibilities for the lake operation are handled by Members who are volunteering their time and expertise. Those functions are detailed elsewhere in this manual.


The following are specific areas of responsibility that will be assumed by a contractor engaged by the Association.


I. The Embankments and Spillway

Three large embankments and one outlet tube are the mechanisms that keep Lake Doster in existence. Without these structures, it would drain and revert to the wetland surrounding stream that it once was. The State of Michigan continues to have a keen interest in not only the LDLA’s embankments, but others throughout the rest of the state. It is expected that LDLA will maintain our embankments and drain in proper working order. Verification of our efforts is required and accomplished every three years by a professional dam inspector. Part of the verification process includes a detailed inspection of the LDLA Dam Maintenance Log. Thus, vigilant documentation within the Maintenance Log is a critical component of the overall requirements. The following is a listing of the routine maintenance work which must be completed and recorded in the log. All log entries must include work performed, date, and name of person performing the work.


          A. Daily

                    Inspect the spillway located at the east end of the beach area on Midlakes Blvd. and ensure that water is flowing freely.


          B. Monthly

                   1. Inspect all three embankments. This includes verifying that all embankments remain free of excessive brush and trees, that there is no sign of erosion from road run-off or other drainage and that there is no sign of seepage at any point along the embankments. While checking for seepage, the inspector must check the embankments for signs of animal burrows and if found, remove the offending creature.


2. If there are problems that will necessitate professional intervention, the Contractor will identify appropriate providers, obtain competitive written quotes for the required work, and then present the information to the LDLA Board for action and expense authorization.


          C. Annually

                   1. The LDLA holds and maintains a Lake Doster Emergency Action Plan as required by Allegan County and the State of Michigan. Copies of the plan must be retained and available through the Contractor, the LDLA President and the LDLA Secretary. While other copies may exist, these three copies must be updated annually. The updated copy must be approved by the Allegan County Emergency Coordinator (currently Scott Corbin) and then filed with the State of Michigan. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that the Emergency Action Plan is updated, provided to the Allegan County Emergency Coordinator, filed with the State of Michigan, retain one copy , and to distribute copies to the LDLA President and Secretary.

         2. Projected expenses for the upcoming year must be submitted to the LDLA Treasurer no later than October 1st of each year. In this way, maintenance and upgrades of the dams can be handled in a fiscally prudent fashion.


          D. Every three (3) years

          The State of Michigan mandates that all embankments be inspected by a professional engineer every three years. (The next inspection should be done in 2011.) This inspection must be scheduled and attended by a representative of the contractor. During the inspection, the Maintenance Logs must be available for review. The cost of this inspection must be anticipated and included in the annual budget projections presented to the Board.


II. Rafts and Buoys

                   A. There are many coves and inlets that are part of Lake Doster. To ensure safety and the boating pleasure of LDLA Members, the Contractor will ensure that buoys are strategically placed to remind boaters of exceptional speed and wake restrictions.

B. The buoys shall be placed in the water during the early spring and removed before ice forms on the lake in the fall.

C. The Contractor shall project any necessary installation, maintenance or replacement expenses, and submit same to the Board for consideration and approval prior to expenditures. Any such projected costs will be included in the Contractor’s proposed budget.


III. Lake Rules

                    Annually, the contractor shall review and update the lake rules. If changes are deemed necessary, they will be submitted to and approved by the LDLA Board and then published to the community via the LDLA’s web page. (


IV. Port-O-Potty & Trash Removal             

           The Contractor will identify potential service providers, and obtain competitive bids for seasonal trash removal and toilet facilities at the beach area. The Contractor will make a recommendation to the LDLA board and once approved, the Board will contract with the selected provider.


V. Main Beach Swim Area & Raft

A. The area for swimming at the Main Beach shall be clearly marked with appropriate ropes and buoys. Also, one raft shall be maintained in the marked swim area. 

                   B. The Contractor will have installed a fully functional raft at the beginning of the summer season and shall have it removed during the swimming season if it is damaged. At the end of the swimming season the Contractor will have the raft removed and arrange for any needed repairs and have it secured in storage.


VI. The Boat Ramp

                   A. The LDLA maintains a gated boat ramp and adjacent dock for the use of its members. The gate is to be locked when not in use. The Contractor shall maintain the gate and the lock. The Contractor or a designee shall be accessible when Members or authorities need access to the area.

B. Further, the Contractor will periodically inspect the ramp and dock area for damage or other needed repairs. Annual maintenance expenses will be anticipated and included in the budget projections for the upcoming year.


VII. LDLA Land Maintenance

          The LDLA owns the land under the lake waters, the perimeter strip of land  surrounding the lake, the beach area, the embankments, the private parks, the private roads, and a parcel of land north of Midlakes known as “Lot 68”. The Contractor is expected to make periodic inspections of these areas and report any needed maintenance work to the LDLA Board.


          A. Snow & Grass

1. The Contractor will supervise any LDLA contracts for snow removal in the winter and grass mowing in the summer.

2. The expenses for these services will be included in the Contractor’s projected budget for the upcoming year.


VIII. LDLA Rule Enforcement

          The LDLA members, for the most part, live in platted communities and thus have plat restrictions that place limits on the use and condition of their property. Further, the LDLA has adopted Lake Rules, Beach Rules, Boating Rules and Dock Specifications. The purpose of all of these restrictions and rules is to promote safety for Members, maintain the aesthetic beauty of the area and ultimately the Member’s property value and the quality of life in our community. Rules without enforcement are meaningless. It is expected that the Contractor will receive and respond to resident complaints of rule violations.


A. Complaints

1. When a restriction or rule violation occurs, a resident may initiate a complaint to the Contractor or a Board member via e-mail, telephone or in person. The Contractor will complete a complaint form to include the name, address and telephone number of the person making the complaint. The complaint form should include a description of the alleged violation, i.e. date, time, place, people involved, witnesses names, any efforts the initiator made to resolve the matter along with any other pertinent information. The complaint form will also note the date the complaint was received and the name of the person receiving the complaint.

2. Within 24 hours or sooner, if possible, and if it can be done without risk of physical harm, the Contractor or his designee will personally contact the violating party to discuss the complaint and attempt to resolve the issue informally. Any result from this first step will be noted on the complaint form and notification of the outcome will be given to the complainant.

3. If the initial contact does not result in an acceptable conclusion, or if there is a subsequent complaint concerning the same matter within six (6) months, the Contractor will again initiate the complaint process by completing the an additional complaint form. The Contractor will investigate the matter and if deemed well founded, inform the violating party by letter of the need to immediately take remedial action.

4. After two substantiated complaints within a six (6) month period, a third complaint will be documented on a form in the same manner as above, but will then be forwarded to the LDLA Board of Directors for further action.


IX. Project Approval

          The Contractor (in addition to the appropriate committee chairperson) will sign off on all projects and contracts, indicating that the all contracted work has been satisfactorily performed, prior to submission of the bills to the LDLA Treasurer for payment.


X. Event Planning

A. The Lake Manager will be responsible for scheduling beach events and will maintain a calendar of same.  When an event is scheduled, the party will be given a Memo of Understanding that will include the Beach & Lake Rules and the necessity of cleaning up after the event.


B. After the event, the Lake Manager will inspect the area to verify that it has been restored to its pre-event condition. 


XI. LDLA Board Liaison

          The Contractor has a critical and pivotal role in the successful operation of Lake Doster. Communication between all parties working to maintain and improve our community may be difficult, yet must be managed successfully. 

When requested, the Contractor or his designee shall attend the regularly scheduled meetings of the LDLA Board and any other meetings as identified.


XII. Hours and Compensation

The overall success of the LDLA rests to a significant degree on the quality of the work done by the Contractor and his/her ability to coordinate the efforts of others and communicate with a wide variety of individuals.

A. Hours

         The Contractor will maintain an ongoing written record of the work performed and/or time spent on a form provided by the LDLA Board. This report will be submitted on a regular basis to the LDLA Treasurer for review and payment. If there is a dispute, the LDLA Board will review and resolve the matter.

B. Compensation

          The Contractor will be compensated at a rate agreed to by the contractor and the LDLA Board of Directors.


XIII. Independent Contractor

          The Contractor is not an employee of the LDLA, but rather is an independent contractor. As such the LDLA assumes no responsibility or liability for the independent actions of the Contractor. The Contractor will obtain and maintain insurance to cover his/her actions as the Contractor and provide written proof of coverage. The Contractor will continue in the position solely at the discretion of the LDLA Board of Directors, and either party may cancel at will and for no express reason. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to constitute an employment contract.


Approved and adopted by the Board of Directors April 21, 2009

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