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 Dock, Boat Lift & Other Floatables - Rules & Specifications

It is the responsibility of each LDLA members to be familiar with Lake Doster Dock, Boat Lift and Other Floatables Rules and Regulations in addition to being complaint with other requirements of Michigan and township laws and ordinances.

For everyone’s safety and benefit, Lake Doster Dock, Boat Lift and Other Floatables Rules and Regulations will be enforced in accordance with the LDLA By-Laws provisions. 

The LDLA Building Control Committee (BCC) must approve:

  • Initial dock installations
  • Dock Relocations
  • Dock replacements or modifications
  • New dock specifications and replacements
  • Boat Lifts / Shore Stations: new or relocation
  • Rafts
  • Any other structure which is attached and intended to remain on Lake Doster’s surface or lake’s bottom seasonally or permanently.

Property Owners considering any of the above must submit a description of the proposed structure using the BCC form found on the LDLA website.  The BCC form requires a list of the planned materials, construction, foot print location, and any other details necessary for the BCC to make a compliance determination for the project:


New and existing docks must comply with the following safety requirements:  

  • Docks are to be maintained with safe and stable decks, free of protruding fasteners, broken, cracked, or missing boards.
  • Stringers are to be sound and without cracks.
  • Dock decks must be level within 2" side to side.
  • The primary purpose of a dock is for lake viewing and access to boat moorings.

Note: Painting of wooden docks is discouraged due to continued maintenance, flaking paint, and slippery footing conditions. Staining or water proofing treatment of bare wood is preferable.

New Dock Specifications and Recommendations (Updated 21-September-2022):

Width - 36" to 48". (A width of 18" to 24" will be allowed in Parks to conserve mooring space.)  Length - 24' maximum. (Length exceptions may be considered for shallow water or confined conditions.)  

Height - Deck surfaces shall not exceed 24" above the normal water level.  Minimum stringer water clearance is 6" above normal water level.

The dock must be at least 12 feet away from the property side lot lines of the owner's property.  No encroachment upon an adjacent property's projected side lot lines by any dock or moored boat is allowed. 

Any alteration from the above specifications requires the granting of a variance from the BCC.  The member seeking a variance must make a compelling case for the needed change.

Approved dock patios are to be a maximum of two additional 4' by 10' (an 12'x10' patio) dock section mounted parallel to the main dock.  The BCC will evaluate impacts on lake navigation and adjacent neighbors while considering variances. 

Materials –  

  • Commercially available materials, which comply with marine industry standards, must be used.      
  • Variances to these standards should be requested as outlined in Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions Article VIII. 

Dock Location:

LDLA member should consult the applicable Platt description (i.e., Dedication document) for their eligibility and general dock location.  The references for the location of the legal documents are described in the By-Laws, (sections 7.2, 7.3, and Exhibit A) and the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (Attachment A). 

Eligible lots with access to a park or where lake front space is limited (for example: pie-shaped lots, places where extension of the lot lines would cross prior to providing sufficient space to place a dock) maybe required to share a dock. 

Existing docks may need to be moved from time to time in order to accommodate all access lot owners with dedicated use of a particular park or access area.  The affected access lot owners shall determine the new location for the docks. If agreement cannot be reached by the impacted access lot owners, the Board will make the decision. 

Rafts, Trampolines, Other Structures:

Before placing a raft, trampoline, ski run or any other device on Lake Doster, an LDLA member must first obtain written permission from the Building Control Committee.  Approval of a request by the BCC shall in no way be construed as a warranty of safety. Rafts must be no more than 30 feet from the shore to the outer edges of the raft. 

Other structures on LDLA property in existence prior to 2006 are grandfathered provided they are well-maintained. 

Boat Lifts:

All Boat Lifts must be of such commercial grade and size to accommodate their LDLA registered vessel.    

Electrical Safety:

Electrical Installations shall conform to the current Michigan Electrical Codes. 

Ground fault circuit interrupting circuit breakers shall be used to feed all receptacles, lighting, and electrical equipment located or utilized adjacent to, or in the lake. 


  • No electrical lake enhancement devices (list devices) shall be used after May 1, 2020 without electrical inspection and BCC approval.  All new electrical lake enhancement devices require an electrical inspection and BCC approval
  • Aqua-thrusters, lake muck blasters, aqua-purgers or any like device must be approved by BCC prior to installation. 
  •    Approval criteria includes:
  • Direction of water, must be level or pointing up so as to not disturb the lake bottom. 
  • Criteria for approval include impacted neighbor approval and installation by a certified electrician.

LDLA update: 21-September-2022

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