Lake Doster Lake Association

Building Control Committee (BCC) Members                             2022

Dick Joslin, Chair:                       269-664-6262

Tom Bennick:                         269-664-5329

Paul Clausen:          815-343-3832

Mike Day

Dave DeYoung:                                                               269-685-7044

Paul Sullivan

Jason Zuziak


The Building Control Committee (BCC):

All restrictions relating to the construction or modification of dwellings, buildings, docks, structures or improvements included in any LDLA Member's Plat Restrictions and as included within the LDLA's Dock and Boat Lift Spec's are managed within the authority of the Building Control Committee ("BCC") under direction of the Board of Directors.

As such, all requests required in accordance with applicable restrictions must be presented in written form (downloadable below) to the BCC for approval prior to proceeding with any restricted construction, improvement or alteration.

The BCC reviews all such written requests in a timely manner and may further require additional reasonable details and specifications. Construction for any building or other improvements or alteration must also receive any necessary approvals from the appropriate public authority.

The BCC has the right to refuse approval of any such plans or specifications which in its opinion are not compatible with other adjoining or neighboring properties or not in harmony with the Lake Doster Community as a whole. As a basis for its decisions, the BCC shall have the right to consider the suitability of a proposed structure, improvement or modification, the site upon which it is proposed to be constructed, the proposed location within the Eligible Parcel or Association Property and the location of structures with regard to properties in close proximity.

All final determinations of the BCC will be provided to the requestor in written form and copied to the Board.

Restriction Compliance Application Form

Additional Restrictions

The following restrictions  are documented on the Plat Restrictions page on this website:

Alternate Energy Restrictions

Metal Roof Restrictions

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