Lake Doster Lake Association

2020 Beach Membership Rules

 LDLA Main Beach Area Rules & Regulations 


The Lake Doster Main Beach is the private property of the LDLA and restricted to the exclusive use of LDLA Members and LDHA members who hold an active, approved seasonal Main Beach Membership. 


Any guest of a LDLA or Beach member that is not immediate family must have the member present at all times while at the beach.   


Events must be booked through the Lake Manager.  There is no exclusive use of the main beach area for private parties.  


The Beach is closed 30 minutes after sunset. Use after the normal closing time is permitted only with prior approval of the LDLA Lake Manager.


Use the beach area at your own risk and liability. There is no LDLA supervision of the beach area, nor will lifeguards be present.


Swimming is allowed only in the designated, buoyed area.


No glass is allowed on the sand area, in the water between mooring posts or in the immediate surrounding area.


The possession and/or consumption of alcohol by minors is prohibited.


All trash must be removed from the beach area. Trash containers, if available, may be used if not full. No placement of trash alongside of a full trash container is allowed. If container is full, take refuse with you.


Dogs are not allowed on the sand area of the beach or in the water between mooring posts. Dogs outside the sand area must be kept on a leash consistent with the Allegan County Leash Ordinance.


Ground fires are permitted only in the fire pit with Lake Manager approval.


No fishing between mooring posts from shore or boats.


No smoking or vaping.


Basketball rules:

  • Resident member must be present
  • Hours: 9am to 8:30 pm
  • No play after dark
  • Limit 12 on or near court at any time
  • No skateboards or roller blades on court
  • Proper footwear required
  • Do not hang on rim
  • No alcohol or glass bottles
  • No smoking or vaping. 

Note: For purposes of our regulations dark is 30 minutes after sunset. 

LDLA Updated: 14 April 2021

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Apr 26 All Day
Wednesday, May 24 All Day
Wednesday, Jun 28 All Day
Wednesday, Jul 26 All Day